Previous projects

These are some of the previous projects I have worked on:

  • Translation: Marketing material and press release for a computer game by a major international manufacturer.
  •  Translation, research and copywriting: Swedish, Norwegian and Danish media coverage into English for a leading publishing agency.
  •  Transcreation: International media company; ongoing project. Translating, proofreading and editing brand copy, generic copy, website content and feature articles. Writing articles and blog posts on a regular basis.
  •  Translation: Photo stock copy for an international image stock company, ongoing project.
  •  Proofreading & Editing: English script for a Nordic clothing company.
  •  Translation: Press release for a major IT company.
  •  Translation: Market research document with travel and tourism related content.
  •  Translation: Multiple texts for major global company in the publishing & printing industry.
  •  Copywriting and localisation: Film & TV-synopses for an international online company.
  •  Transcreation & translation: Brand copy product descriptions for a health & beauty company.
  •  Translation:  Translation and editing of website for a Nordic retailer.
  •  Translation: Website texts for a large Nordic retailer.
  •  Translation: Market research with tourism content for a multinational travel company.
  •  Translation: Financial customer survey for a global investment company.
  •  Copywriting: Script for an information film about eCommerce.
  •  Translation: Marketing texts for an international online advertising company.
  •  Translation: Marketing brochures and website copy for a food & drink company.
  •  Translation: Press release and news article for a Marketing Consultancy Business.
  •  Translation: Marketing texts for a Nordic hair care company.
  •  Translation: Website- and marketing text for a large hospitality company.
  •  Translation: Tourism- and marketing text for a large hospitality company.